Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite

I used to makeout with his magazine photos. Now we’re sleeping on the same tour bus.

Drezden Halifax is my celebrity crush. But who wouldn’t fall for a rock star with emerald green eyes and a voice that can melt your panties right off of you?

I never thought we’d meet in person, auditioning for his band was mostly a joke.

But then he picked me.

I’m the new guitarist for his band—me, Lola the nobody, a rock star with fame and money.

Everything is perfect. Nothing can ruin this.

Until Drezden kisses me.

Sure, he was my teenage crush… and yes I dream about him using his skilled tongue on me, making me moan and sweat, but it can’t happen. We can’t hook up. EVER.

If we sleep together the band will go to pieces. My bright career will end in a flash.

So why, knowing that, is he still trying to get in my pants?

And… what happens when I let him?

This full novel with a happily ever after and NO cliffhangers was originally published as the Body Rock Series 1-4, but has been re-released in this updated format to better tell a fuller, richer story. There’s also a sexy bonus story in the back about Brenda and her crush! 😉 Who could it be? Read and find out!