Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite

She knows I’m bad news.

I know she’s my only shot at redemption.

Easy on the eyes. Arrogant. Reckless playboy.

I’ve been called worse, and I’ve never cared about anything but myself.

Until the day my father died.

I’m the sole inheritor of his record company. His legacy means the world to me, but in just a few months I’ve managed to lose every artist on his label.

I’m screwed, but then I see her videos on Instagram.

Amina Richards’ voice is the answer to all my troubles. One quick contract later, and we’re in business. Except… I can’t focus on working with her because I’m busy fantasizing about how soft her lips feel.

Sleeping with her is the only way to cleanse her from my system.

I get my wish. And it turns out I’m wrong.

One night together and I’m addicted to this woman. Mixing business with pleasure is fine with me, but Amina is terrified of wrecking her new career.

She says she’s had enough bad boys like me in her life.

All I have to say to that is…

What’s one more?