Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite

He said he would become my Master. And he meant it.

Life has never been easy. Struggling was just the name of the game.

So when billionaire Seth Hart took me from rags to riches, I was stunned.

He’s confident, powerful, impossibly sexy. I thought he was perfect.

Then I discovered his dark secret.

No one would have guessed what wicked things he’s hiding in his mansion.

If he finds out that I know, he’ll ruin my future— and me along with it.

I know I should run, but I can’t resist him.

Those warm lips, firm hands, the way he makes me beg…

He wants to keep me.

And Seth Hart always gets what he wants.

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You think you’re not a slave, that you’re not meant to kneel and please your Master.” He chuckled, a noise that stroked my inner thighs as good as his hand could have. “I’ll have fun proving you wrong.”

Bending down, he caught my ankles. Easily, he spread them wide, fixing them inside two straps bolted to the floor.

Oh god, oh god! My chest was threatening to split open from the tremor in my lungs. I thought I’d been too deep before, but now, I knew what deep really meant.

I’m going to break you,” he whispered, circling behind me.

His voice coerced a wave of excitement. Determined to bury it, I stared at the far wall, but it was torture of another kind, because I could see the exit. I tugged at the ropes, knowing it was hopeless. I’m trapped, what will he do to me?

Hands moved down my back, then further, cupping my ass cheeks, fondling them lightly. My shout was a mere mumble behind the gag. I started to writhe, shaking in my bonds.

He slapped my ass hard, the noise cutting the air. The pain traveled in a burst through my flesh, down to my toes.

Clearly, you have trouble obeying. Let’s fix that.”

Wondering how he meant to ‘fix’ me, I flooded with worry.

And also with something else.

My whole core was electric. It burned, making my breathing heavier. Wilder.

Control yourself, I demanded. Think of a way out of this!

But with what he had planned… nothing I did would make a difference.

He’d said he was going to break me.

And he meant it.