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Last of the Bad Boys

Last of the Bad Boys


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Who doesn’t love a bad boy?

All I’ve ever been good at is fighting and f*cking.
Pure violence and wet sex. For years, it’s been my life. If you think I’d get bored, you’d be very wrong. I’ll never get enough.
Nothing can sate the ache that wants to bend any and every woman over, just to see how she tastes. I’m a man who aims to please, but no one holds my attention.
No one but Zoe.
I throb at the very IDEA of her… I want to suffocate with my tongue inside her thighs.
When my phone rang, I didn’t expect her pretty voice to beg me for help.
She thought I’d save her and that’d be it. Well.
Too bad.
I’m hooked on this girl—I want her more than water or air.
I wasn’t her first.
But I planned to be her last.

Author’s Note: Standalone full-length novel. Contains explicit and erotic scenes, a dirty bad boy with a filthy mouth, as well as themes of violence/mature situations.

Read an Excerpt

My ears caught the scratch of footsteps on dirt. Looking up, I spotted Zoe. In her green jacket, she jogged my way. The night stole the color from her eyes, but it deposited crimson in her cheeks. She was a woman on fire, that long hair streaming behind like a comet’s trail.

My fingers itched, eager to open up and embrace her.

Falling stars aren’t meant to be held, though.

As she slowed beside me, clouds dancing around her perfect lips… she dared me to try.

Dared me to cradle her combustible existence.

Zoe held the power to burn me into ashes. All I had to do was touch her.

A death like this?

It would be fucking worth it.

“Sorry,” she said, catching her breath. “I hope you didn’t wait long for me.”

“Not too long.” My smile went ear to ear. “Only an eternity.”

She’d been reaching for the back of my bike. Now, she pulled her arm away, a creature of doubt and suspicion. “Why would you say something like that?”

Guilt drove down into my guts. It was a tiny splinter, but sharp as a nail. Why had I said that?

To get a rise out of her.

Was that the real reason? She certainly thought so. I couldn’t be sure, and dwelling on it was making me uncomfortable. “Easy now,” I mumbled. “I was just trying to lighten the mood.”

Weaving her fingers through her hair, Zoe offered me a tiny smile. “It’s alright. I’m just a little tense. I really wish you’d gone and practiced today. I don’t even know who you’re up against tonight.”

Waving her onto the bike, I kicked it into gear. “I’ll be fine. I’m actually excited.”

“You are?”

“Sure, it’s been some time since I’ve had an excuse to shake the rust off of these muscles.”

Adjusting behind me, her jean-clad legs rubbed along my hips. “Not much call for combat when you strip your clothes off, huh?”

I chuckled and said, “The opposite. I fight off the hands of too-eager women all the damn time.”

Zoe laughed, and fuck, I ached to hear that sound forever.

Guiding us down the road, I took my time. I wanted to speak before the engine drowned us both out. “You seem happier tonight. I like that.”

I was ready for her to loosen her grip. Amazingly, she pressed her chest on me and didn’t run. She mumbled, “For some reason, I feel… optimistic.”

Twisting, I tried to stare at her. I could see nothing but her red hair. “Optimistic?”

“Yeah.” Zoe’s long, silky strands slid over my shoulder and rustled my cheek. “I don’t know. For once, going to the fights tonight, things feel like they might be okay.” Her voice flitted, drifting in the wind and fading with my growing speed. “I’m probably just crazy.”

Crazy. Yes.

I could relate.