Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite
Nora Flite



Adrenaline is my drug, and nothing has ever rivaled my addiction.
Not until now…
Not until Ellie Cutter.

That cinnamon smell intoxicates me, her lips were made for bruising. You’d think she’d jump my bones like all the others, but she’s all business; so calm and collected.

That just makes me want to see her melt under my touch even more.

I’ve heard the moans of untold women, tasted their bodies and curves. Ellie shouldn’t have any affect me.
So why can’t I stop thinking about that one damn kiss?
It meant nothing… but the memory could make my zipper tear in two. I keep waking with my hand under the sheets, every bit of me hot and heavy. It’s madness. Illogical. Reckless.

The only cure is to make her mine.