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Enjoy some more teasers! And I am LOVING the early reviews for this book on Goodreads! <3 <3 You guys are making me so happy– Conway and Georgia are my fav. couple to write!


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It’s here!! Grab it on August 29th, ah! Isn’t it pretty? <3 <3

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Teaser– coming 8/29/17

Add it on Goodreads!


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It’s been awhile. I’ve been dragging myself around by my strings trying to DO IT ALL again. Which is why I’m here to tell you to OH GOD PLEASE STOP. STOP STOP WHY. IT BURNS.

For real, though. I’ve been at this for… gosh, five years now? And for the first three years I tried to do EVERYTHING. I edited, I did covers, I did promo images, I did newsletter swaps, I contacted bloggers/GR reviewers/Facebook pages/Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram/Tsu (remember that one??!!)

I made ads… I blogged… I went to signings and conventions… I did so much that I barely had time to … Read more »

Okay, it’s not spring yet– I get that. But it’s close enough, and if you’re in LA, like me, it feels like summer already.

2017 is here, and as I look back, I find myself dwelling on some of my struggles– and while some were physical, many were emotional, which is a whole other bag of dirt. I felt like clearing my thoughts out and looking forward. To do that, I have to look backwards a bit.

In 2016, I had a lot of setbacks that slowed me down.

-A toddler

-ACL surgery

-Buying a house

But these things … Read more »

The cover reveal for Royally Bad has happened! I’m so excited to be working with Social Butterfly on this release with Montlake in April. But you can get a special early copy now! Just enter my giveaway below. 🙂

Royally Bad ARC Paperback Giveaway


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I said I’d write this post as soon as I had a moment. I’m sitting among a ton of unpacked boxes and just a week out from closing on my new home/moving in for the first time, AND my toddler is asleep, so… why not write it now?

If you know anything about me, you probably know that my past life/my roots are a little muddy. I’ve talked some about growing up poor, the struggle of feeling like I’m good enough to be living the life I am, and the pounds and pounds of self doubt that keep me awake … Read more »



I thought this photo was perfect for this post. It captures my “WTF am I even doing?” mindset a lot of the time.

So I don’t often make long posts. Usually I’m busy scrambling to get work done, and writing in my blog feels like an excuse to not focus. But uh, you know, sometimes sitting down to collect your thoughts IS the way to focus.

And also: blog posts are informative. Yay information!


I realized recently with the more authors and readers/fans I meet, the less people know about me. ME me, I mean. Not my stories–though … Read more »

Check out this sweet book trailer I had made exclusively for the new book series!


Go here to see the trailer!

Also? Billion Dollar Bad Boy is LIVE, folks!


Get it on Amazon HERE!


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