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It’s been awhile. I’ve been dragging myself around by my strings trying to DO IT ALL again. Which is why I’m here to tell you to OH GOD PLEASE STOP. STOP STOP WHY. IT BURNS.

For real, though. I’ve been at this for… gosh, five years now? And for the first three years I tried to do EVERYTHING. I edited, I did covers, I did promo images, I did newsletter swaps, I contacted bloggers/GR reviewers/Facebook pages/Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram/Tsu (remember that one??!!)

I made ads… I blogged… I went to signings and conventions… I did so much that I barely had time to WRITE. And writing began to feel like pulling words from the mud instead of sifting them from a stream.

I wanted 2017 to be the year I did less.

Then my dad died.

I should back up and say I wanted 2016 to be the year I pulled back, too, but then I had a new baby AND my dad was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Oh, and 2015 was going to be the time I slowed down as well but then I was pregnant and struggling with THAT and–see where I’m going with this? Life always has things it wants to chuck in your path. You’ll never be able to do it all unless you seriously can find a way to never, EVER exist the way everyone else does– family, friends, your own health. Spoilers: They’ll always exist.

I’m still recovering from the past 1.5 years of stress and grief. Writing has only now felt “good” again. Don’t be like me and pile everything on because just when you’re sure you can handle some more, a life chunk will knock you on your ass.

I promise my next post will have more fun stuff in it, like book teasers and things. I’m in an anthology coming out July 18th, and another coming out August 22nd. AND I’ve got so much more–so yeah. Just wait.



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